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Inside Convoy Of Hope – Experts Making Disaster Relief Happen

Sunday, February 17, 2019
Convoy of Hope

K-LOVE News/Closer Look – by Richard Hunt

Disasters happen. Whether they’re caused by natural events, human error, or deliberate intent, the effect is the same: people are in great need and often very worried. There are many good organizations and government agencies that offer help, but none quite like Convoy of Hope. Since 1994, their trucks have been rolling to the scene of disasters offering “Hope in Every Storm.”

In our podcast story below, you’ll hear from Jeff Nene, the National Spokesman for Convoy of Hope. He ‘takes you there’ as he shares all the important pieces that make their outreach work so well. And Jeff emphasizes that prayer and reliance on God undergird all they do. You’ll also hear from Frank Senkinc, Fleet Manager, who describes the joy of trucking-in supplies to help people weather terrible situations. Frank even shares a very personal experience, where God saved him from a direct lightning strike on the cab of his 18-wheeler!

Convoy of Hope warehouses are stocked with personal hygiene items and products that become vital when tragedy happens. The ministry is expert in the logistics needed to move relief supplies to areas of the country under stress.

Convoy of Hope partners with local churches to array volunteers to directly engage people in need.

Through the years, the Convoy team has responded to more than 350 disasters, including some overseas. Most recently, Convoy of Hope came alongside those who were displaced by deadly wildfires in California and hurricanes in the Southeast and Puerto Rico.  

Below: Meet Jeff Nene, Convoy of Hope National Spokesman

Below: Meet Frank Senkinc, Convoy of Hope Fleet Manager

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