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Uplifting Stories For Your Thursday

Thursday, January 10, 2019

FexEx Employee Makes Extra Stop An Opportunity For Prayer


Amanda Riggan felt prompted by God to pray with a woman going through challenging times

Chick-fil-A Worker Goes Out Of Her Way To Help Disabled Customer

Unsplash/Nathan Lemon

“She went above and beyond. May God bless this woman."

Police Praise Reporter Who Helped Foil Robbery And Find Missing Woman


He says he was just "in the right place at the right time."

Switchfoot’ Member Shares Update On Cancer A Week After Surgery

Casey Curry/Invision AP

The Grammy Award winning band is celebrating the cancer-free diagnosis of bandmate Jerome Fontamillas

Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Isn’t Stopping 81-Year-Old

Unsplash/Mikael Kristenson

Ron Robert began a new chapter in life by enrolling in college, saying he was bored in retirement anyway

Study – Exposure To Blue Light Reduces Blood Pressure

Unsplash/John Adams

Could this be a non-pharmaceutical treatment for high blood pressure?

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