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Volcano Evacuees Blessed With Day Of Family Fun (+podcast)

Sunday, July 22, 2018
Puna Baptist Church

PAHOA, Hawaii (K-LOVE News – David Michaels) – Since last May, lava damage from Hawaii’s Kilauea has devastated over six hundred homes, but it couldn’t stop the local churches of Pahoa from sharing the love of Christ with their neighbors.

Local churches like the Puna Baptist Church were hit hard by the eruptions. In fact, an estimated 75% of church goers were impacted by the disaster. Either from losing their home or having known someone who has.

As more and more neighborhoods were separated by the volcano, an inspiring thing began to happen, the local churches of Pahoa came together. Forming an alliance called Puna Strong, and making their top priority helping their fellow neighbors who were forced to live in evacuation shelters.

Puna Strong started assisting with basic services like offering laundry vouchers and prayer sessions at the shelters. Along with holding a rummage sale to raise funds for additional aid. These acts of comfort went a long way.

One church member noted, “People are resilient if they have someone walking alongside them, it gives [them] a sense of hope.”

And more hope was just around the corner. The Puna Baptist Church hosted a Family Fun Day, full of great things for families to do together. With creative arts and crafts like face painting, birdhouse building, and fingernail painting for the ladies.

Add that’s not all. They had games, a large inflatable slide, a bounce house, and plenty of hot dogs, popcorn, and Hawaiian shaved ice for everyone!

The Family Fun Day was designed to give the impacted families a chance to relax, unwind, and let their kids have some fun! And it turned out great! The weather was perfect, and families enjoyed their much-deserved day off.

The event also provided a doctor and a counselor on site for the day, for use by displaced families that needed additional care. Including basic medical services and free hygiene kits.

The local churches of Puna and Kinoole proved there can be blessings of joy and fellowship throughout times of adversity, when you focus on sharing the love of Christ.

We’d like to thank the Hawaii Tribune-Herald and Puna Baptist Church for contributing to this story.

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