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Lauren Daigle

"HOLD TIGHT TO BOLDNESS!"            - Lauren Daigle, speaking with Amy from the K-LOVE Morning Show

As she mentions, Lauren's family joined her at the K-LOVE Fan Awards and she created a special video that celebrates her 86 Year-Old Grandfather who drove nine hours to show his support for Lauren:


While creating the music for her new album Look Up Child there came a point when Lauren Daigle realized she was a bit lost and overwhelmed. Lauren recalls...

“I felt like there was this brief moment in time where I was losing myself to everything else that was happening. All the expectation, all the pressure – I was losing me, I was losing my identity.”

Caught up in the chaotic hustle of meetings and performances, she didn't know how to get a grip on the things she once loved about her work as a singer, songwriter, recording artist and worship leader. One day, she sat down with a friend and began talking with him about what she was experiencing. After hearing her out, he said, 

"Oh, you need to get in touch with your eight-year-old child again ... the eight-year-old self that loved life. That had no constraints, that didn't know capacity."

She left that conversation with a new thought to ponder: How would young Lauren navigate the world grown-up Lauren lived in now? When she realized the answer it was like her heart already knew, "I'm just supposed to be an eight-year-old child - like, look up child, that's all that this is about," Lauren said, with a ripple of joy in her voice. 

At one point, Lauren took a year off and went back to Louisiana and her roots. In this album story she shares her discoveries from that season, the songs God birthed, and more...

A stunningly beautiful, and personal, song that came from her season of soul-searching is "You Say." Check out her music video for it here:

And, here's the audio for the album's title song:

"Where are You now 
 When darkness seems to win 
 Where are You now 
 When the world is crumbling 
 Oh I, I 
 I hear You say 

 Look up child 
 Look up child." - lyrics from "Look Up Child"


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