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Lauren Daigle

"In the moments when we don't have it nailed, when we don't have it figured out, what is the one thing that we could do? Look up." - Lauren Daigle


While creating the music for her new album Look Up Child there came a point when Lauren Daigle realized she was a bit lost and overwhelmed. Lauren recalls...

“I felt like there was this brief moment in time where I was losing myself to everything else that was happening. All the expectation, all the pressure – I was losing me, I was losing my identity.”

Caught up in the chaotic hustle of meetings and performances, she didn't know how to get a grip on the things she once loved about her work as a singer, songwriter, recording artist and worship leader. One day, she sat down with a friend and began talking with him about what she was experiencing. After hearing her out, he said, 

"Oh, you need to get in touch with your eight-year-old child again ... the eight-year-old self that loved life. That had no constraints, that didn't know capacity."

She left that conversation with a new thought to ponder: How would young Lauren navigate the world grown-up Lauren lived in now? When she realized the answer it was like her heart already knew, "I'm just supposed to be an eight-year-old child - like, look up child, that's all that this is about," Lauren said, with a ripple of joy in her voice. 

At one point, Lauren took a year off and went back to Louisiana and her roots. In this album story she shares her discoveries from that season, the songs God birthed, and more...

And, here's the audio for the album's title song:

"Where are You now 
 When darkness seems to win 
 Where are You now 
 When the world is crumbling 
 Oh I, I 
 I hear You say 

 Look up child 
 Look up child." - lyrics from "Look Up Child"


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