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  • Tuesday, May 22, 2018

    We've all been there. Out of the blue, we need prayer. And sometimes it's urgent.

    I got a group text yesterday about a child needing God's fast intervention. Breathing problems.

    After praying with the little boy's mom, I went to sleep and God showed up and showed OUT!!

    Not kidding--one dream showed an inside view, before and after, of his lungs. Bright red and orange and fiery in the first one and clear and calm in the second one. 

    Then, I saw a vision of the little boy next to a body of water. He was safely on the shore (The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad, let the distant shores rejoice Psalm 97:1), calmly sitting there, a piece of driftwood behind him.

    Suddenly, a RAINBOW (God refers to a rainbow as a sign of His covenant relationship with us in Genesis 9:14-16) blanket, kind of like a serape, gently fell from the sky and covered him. 

    LOVE that vision of God's incredible faithfulness!!