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About Larry 

 My career started one day long ago when I was invited to be a “guest teen DJ” on WLS Chicago. From that time on, I knew radio was what I wanted to do! The 15 minutes of fame was like a drug I had to have more of.

 In the army, I was stationed in Alaska and worked for the Armed Forces Radio Network. At the time, the network was the only lifeline for troops operating in the 88 remote sites across Alaska. Even though I did not yet fully know who Jesus was, I felt guided into radio. After my tour of duty was complete, I stayed around in Anchorage working for various stations for several decades.

 I eventually met my future wife through radio; a beautiful redhead named Dean. Although Dean and I did not exactly like each other at first, she continued to tell me how Jesus loves me and had a plan for my life. Tired of the bar/drug scene, I asked God into my heart and made a commitment to follow Him. Nothing has been the same for me since! I married Dean and eventually left Alaska to help start the Air1 radio network, with studios originally in St Helens, Oregon. Four years later, my family and I moved again to become part of the K-LOVE family. 

 I am abundantly blessed by my wife (Dean) of 31 years, 3 adult children and 7 grandkids as well as the opportunity to communicate God’s love on the radio. 

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