May 12 2014

Walking Together Towards Jesus

Inside scoop for you on tonight's Dancing With the Stars.  

You might be surprised to hear who Candace Cameron Bure chose as her icon to appear with her on Dancing with the Stars tonight!  

It's Christian Author and Speaker, Angela Thomas! She has written many books including "Do You Think I’m Beautiful?" and "When Wallflowers Dance". 

I adored how Angela said she responded to the producer's questions on why she felt that Candace calls her an icon.  Her answer is something we should all strive toward in our relationships.  

"We both know I am not her icon.  Jesus is her icon and I am just walking beside Candace toward Jesus." 

Don’t we all need a friend like that? 

If you have a friend that is walking beside you keeping you focused on Jesus, cherish that friend and get on your knees and thank God.  

If you do not have that friend, it's time get down on your knees and pray for God to bring you one! I'm convinced it's the key to navigating life's challenges.  

Do you have a friend like that?

Listen to Angela Thomas tell the story herself here: 

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